Gain real world experience from a working real estate photographer

The Real Estate Photography Course is a hands-on, one-on-one, 3-4 week course designed to get you ready to start working in the industry. This is not a short course with generalised information but specific, targeted skill and knowledge development to get you prepared for work as a real estate photographer in Australia. You’ll be spending time with a working photographer, attending real shoots, working with real photos and dealing with real agents.

At a minimum –

  • DSLR/Mirrorless camera*

  • 16-35mm (full frame equivalent) lens*

  • Good quality tripod*

  • Computer (ideally MacBook/Pro/Air)*

  • Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

  • A basic working knowledge of photography

  • A willingness to learn

  • Transport to and from appointments (Brisbane City and surrounds)

*We can provide advice and recommendations

Topics covered include:

Photography basics refresh

  • Iso – adjustments, uses and effects on the image

  • Shutter speed – adjustments, uses and effects on the image

  • Aperture – adjustments, uses and effects on the image

Camera Functions and Settings

  • How should I set up my camera?

  • What mode should I be using?

  • Metering Settings

  • Focus Settings

  • Bracket Settings

  • Data saving settings

  • Shutter timers

  • Image Stabilisation

  • Image preview settings

Working with a Tripod

  • Why do I need a tripod?

  • Tripod heads

  • How high should I be shooting?

  • The importance of using bubble levels

Shooting fundamentals

  • Shooting with wide angle lens

  • Working with light

  • Flash vs Natural Light

  • How to shoot a room

  • Room shapes and Angles

  • The third wall

  • Adapting tripod height

  • Working around mirrors

  • View shots

  • Exterior shots

Shooting Advanced

  • Twilight shots

  • Detail shots

  • Shooting for virtual furniture

Developing a workflow

  • Entry notices and keys

  • What do I do when I arrive at a property?

  • Building a routine for shooting properties

  • Backup photos, different angles and multiple options

  • Have I met the brief?

  • Have I missed anything?

  • Input from owners and agents

  • How to move quickly

  • What do I do when leaving a property?

Property presentation basics

  • What is expected of me

  • Working with agents

  • Working with owners

  • Working with tenants

  • How to navigate unhelpful tenants

  • Dealing with people’s personal belongings

Building your bag

  • What do I need in my camera bag?

  • What gear do I need?

  • What should I bring with me?

  • Cleaning equipment


  • Developing relationships with agents

  • Expectations from agents

  • Working with owners

  • Working with tenants


  • What do I do when things go wrong?

  • I’m running late…

  • I forgot this piece of equipment

Post Production

  • Downloading files

  • Sorting photos

  • Sending files off to be edited

  • Final touch-ups

  • Final Export – Web and Print

  • Sending to the agent

Floor plans

  • Basics

  • How to draw a property

  • Laser measurers

  • Phone Apps

  • Floor planner software

  • The final product

360 Tours and Matterport Scans

  • Equipment – what are my options?

  • Working with Matterport

  • How to scan a property

  • How to upload a scan

  • How to send off to the agent

  • Non Matterport 360’s


  • Software considerations

  • Invoicing considerations

This course is designed to be a hands-on experience. Students will have the opportunity to shadow and participate in real shoots followed by follow-up discussion sessions to provide opportunity to ask questions and dive deeper into course content. Students are heavily encouraged to take notes in the field for further discussion in these sessions.  Students will also have homework and assignments projects.

Due to the unique nature of the course, working in and around a working photographer, the final delivery of the course will be subject to shoot bookings and availability. Students will have the opportunity to attend a minimum of 4 shoots over a minimum of a 3 week period (pending shoot availability). Additional shoot attendance may be required.

Dan Gardner is a full-time working photographer who has been working in Real Estate specifically for over 7 years. He spent 3 years working in-house at a large boutique agency on the north side of Brisbane before launching his own business. He also provides video production and web design services.  Having shot thousands of properties, from CBD apartments to multi-million dollar houses, Dan has a well rounded understanding of what it takes to work as a real estate photographer.

Dan is married with 3 young kids and has an affection for great coffee!

Real Estate Photography Course

One-on-one hands-on training
3-4 week program* (refer to Course Delivery for more information)

To apply for the Real Estate Photography Course program or for any more information, contact Dan Gardner – 0424 019 213 | or fill out a contact form.